Pandemic Archive A.D. 2020

20 maj 2020 Powrót

Everyday we create a history. Let’s start documenting that unprecented time we are living together. The State Archives in Warsaw with the Head Office of State Archives invite to participate in the project “Pandemic Archive A.D. 2020. Social collection of documents during the epidemy of Coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2)”.

These are unprecented times and future historians will want to know how our society spent their time. What was the experience of the people during this global pandemic? Therefore, it is our obligation for collecting all possible relations and materials, as a priceless historical sources for the next generations.

The State Archives is authorized repository for historical records, which are gathered, preserved and shared in reading rooms or online, by the website

This project seeks to collect and preserve materials of various form. Participants are welcome to submit journals, diaries, artworks, poetry, stories, oral history interviews, videos or other materials documenting this unprecented time. We would like to invite to this project everyone who is willing to share with us. As a result, we want to create an outstanding collection of documents from “the time of pandemic”, creating with cooperation of the whole society. Shared materials will be published on the website, where eveyone will be able to see them in their digitised form.

For questions about the project, contact us by e-mail or phone 22 6359242/43 int. 117.

More about the project:


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Strona została opracowana w ramach projektu Polska Akademia Dostępności realizowanego przez Fundację Widzialni i Ministerstwo Administracji i Cyfryzacji


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