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Organizational chart of the State Archive in Warsaw approved by decree no 19 of the Head Director of the State Archives, May 8, 2017.

Organizational chart  


The history of the State Archive in Warsaw

The History of the Warsaw archive is inseparably connected with the history of our town and its authorities. Latest researches show that presumably on the turn of XIII and XIV c., in the neighborhood of the ducal residence in Jazdow, the city of Warsaw was established. Unfortunately, the original document of Warsaw location has not been preserved up to date, however, without any doubts this document had been created and initiated the beginning of the capital archive.

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Archival resources

State archives hold various records of their historical values (category A.) in opposite to other records without or with infinitesimal searching values (category B.) Those records, which has been qualified to category B and being out of time, are getting for destruction.

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Strona została opracowana w ramach projektu Polska Akademia Dostępności realizowanego przez Fundację Widzialni i Ministerstwo Administracji i Cyfryzacji


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