Meeting with Professor Tomoki Takeda in the State Archive in Warsaw

22 wrz 2021 Powrót

On January 26, 2018, Professor Tomoki Takeda from the Daiko Bunka University in Tokyo visted the State Archive in Warsaw. Professor Takeda is currently teaching History of Japanese Politics and Diplomacy, International History and Japanese Politics at Daito Bunka University, Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Law. His research interests is also closed to documentation and archiving of historical materials of modern Japan.

After being welcomed by the deputy of the Director of the State Archive in Warsaw Mrs. Anna Wajs, Prof. Takeda heard a presentation about the history of our institute and he was familiarized with our structures. Most interesting and precious archival units were presented to our quest, including the records from the Archive of Warsaw Reconstruction Office (BOS archive), which belongs to UNESCO Memory of the World program. Presentation of old Warsaw photos was accompanied with the archival movie of Warsaw restoration which provided testimony of a nearly complete destruction of the city and its rebuilding. Finally, Prof. Takeda found a time to talk with our staff and he got an information about our current projects.







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